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April 14, 2012
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Hypno Eyes by PennyHorrible Hypno Eyes by PennyHorrible
This one started off as a pencil sketch that I scanned in and colored in Corel painter 4 and Corel Paint Shop X2. Full view, please.

I am a HUGE fan of Tim Burton, so as soon as I heard about this contest I got to work right away! I've been a fan my whole life, going back to the first grade when I dressed up as Catwoman for Halloween. I dragged my Mom to the theater to see The Nightmare Before Christmas half a dozen times when it first came out and I have seen every film he has ever made and anticipate each new release eagerly. I even traveled to New York just to see his show at the MoMA! He is my favorite director, artist and kiddie book author. To be judged by him would be a dream.

I am very influenced by his work, so if you are also a fan, be sure to check out my other entries and my gallery.

Thanks for looking, commenting, and favoriting. Best of luck to all other contestants! :pumpkin:
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bwall49 Apr 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
since he joined just to ridicule...exposingignorance is a coward without artistic talent that hides himself..and both ladies are correct as well..

I like your second one, although this one is good too.
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ExposingIgnorance Apr 14, 2012
Dark shadows....... yeah way to ruin a classic Tim.... Johnny depp is NOT barnabas collins
they are turning a classic into a comedy.... ruining it completely to appease all the fucking emo children out there...... cinema as we know it is dead
nobody is forcing you to watch the new movie, so you can keep your snarky comments to yourself.
PennyHorrible Apr 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I see that you are so deeply and personally offended that you have been moved to expletives. I am sure Tim and Johnny would love to hear your opinion; probably about as much as I do!

In the future, please reserve your "ignorance exposure" for your own submissions! Thanks! :D
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